Mike Buhl graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Systems Engineering and Economics in May of 2016. Mike is currently in his second year with Ernst & Young, where he serves as a technology consultant within the financial services sector. He has consulted for multiple financialinstitutions, including a leading US broker-dealer, a government-sponsored mortgage enterprise, and a banking institution. Mike currently lives in Arlington, Virginia.

During the summer of 2014, Mike was an intern at BluePath Health, which he says was an incredible and valuable experience. He had first-hand experience of the consulting lifestyle, and felt like part of the team. During the summer, he interacted with clients, participated in meetings, took ownership of work products, and learned all about the healthcare industry, telehealth initiatives, and consulting. For one project, he create heat maps and the visualizations of OSHPD specialist data for California counties to highlight specialist needs and pinpoint telehealth opportunities. The skills he gained from his internship still help his career today.