We are a healthcare consulting firm with many years of experience across all segments of the healthcare industry, including health IT, providers and policy makers. Our team brings deep skills in strategy development, policy analysis, technology implementation, data science and communication and design to our client engagements to expand patient access, increase reimbursement, improve practice management and more. 

BluePath Health honors the diversity of our clients and communities with whom we work. We strive to be inclusive of their differing perspectives and amplify their voices as we develop strategies and programs. We seek to build a diverse team dedicated to advancing equal access to health care.


Timi Leslie, Founder

Elizabeth (Libby) Sagara

Robby Franceschini, JD, MPH

John Weir

Emily Brower Auchard

Adina Safer, MPH, MBA

Ciara Keegan

Erika Cerutti

Lauren Jacobson, MDP

Summer Interns

Jacqueline Wilson, Summer 2020

Callie Monroe Watts, Summer 2016

Michael Buhl, Summer 2014

The Story Behind BluePath Health

At BluePath Health, we field a lot of questions about our company name. There are many ‘blue’ entities in healthcare— Blue Shield and Blue Cross to name just two—but the inspiration for our name comes from water. Specifically, an innovative strategy for global water management called “the blue path”, that addresses policy, technology and strategy for sustainable clean water delivery. Quality healthcare requires a similarly integrated approach to improve access, increase efficiency and ensure sustainability.

BluePath Health’s mission is to provide policy organizations, technology innovators and health care providers and payers with innovative solutions that address strategy, policy and technology and deliver sustainable and lasting improvement for community health. Our blue path leads to quality healthcare that is both life giving and life preserving.

BluePath Health

80 E Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Suite 4H
Larkspur, CA 94939
T: 415 378-3754