Our Work

BluePath Health has experience across all segments of the healthcare industry, from federal and state regulatory agencies to health IT vendors and think tanks.

We tackle the analysis and review of current market trends as well as future-focused issues, such as e-prescribing adoption, electronic health record futures and genetic testing market trends. While keeping an eye innovation, we ground our policy development in practical, hands-on field experience gained working side by side with providers to plan and manage new technology implementations.

This field work includes assessing organizational readiness for EHR implementation, managing health IT vendor relationships and optimizing EHRs to support physician workflow. We also work closely with provider organizations to adopt and manage healthcare reform transitions, such as moving from fee-for-service delivery to an accountable care model.

Our expertise across all healthcare segments offers clients a unique, 360-degree market perspective whether they are integrated health network, a public health policy organization or a technology start-up.

State-of-the-Art Review of Health IT

Many industry-leading organizations and think tanks look to industry experts to create the research and reports that support their policy mandates. As one of those industry experts, BluePath Health is frequently engaged to scope, research and produce white papers on industry trends and issues.

Why BluePath

We were recently hired for our deep experience in health IT to produce a comprehensive review of the health IT landscape covering vendor, products, policies and providers. Our broad network of healthcare experts gave us access to the latest market trends and analysis for this ambitious report.

Convening Thought Leadership for Telehealth Futures Summit

Since 2008, state agencies and pilot projects have been collecting evidence to illustrate the effectiveness and efficiency of telehealth technology. Yet, despite its clear benefits, health care providers still consider telehealth an edge-case technology. In other words, it’s a fine solution for doctors with patients that live in the middle of Alaska but it’s not for urban or other non-rural providers.

Why BluePath

Faced with this quandary, a Sacramento-based think tank hired BluePath Health to manage and facilitate a thought leadership forum on the barriers to telehealth’s broad adoption. Using our connections to research institutions, healthcare technology providers and government agencies, BluePath Health will bring together industry leaders to discuss and develop policies for bringing telehealth into mainstream patient care.

Finding a Sustainable Model When the Funding Ends

For the past four years, federally funding had a far reaching impact on California health care. With the help of this funding, the state created programs to guide and direct the successful implementation and use of health IT among providers and public health agencies. With that funding coming to and end, these programs need to an answer to the question: What now?

Why BluePath

During the summer of 2013, one organization approached BluePath with exactly that question. With funding was coming to an end, they needed help finding a sustainable path for the future. Over a five-month project, they partnered with BluePath on a strategic and operational planning effort. BluePath worked with key stakeholders, advisers and staff to identify the right organizational model to support future products and services and define steps needed to relaunch the organization.