Strategy, Policy and Innovation for Healthcare Delivery

BluePath Health is a full-service, California-based health care consulting firm. We partner with government agencies, public health think tanks, health IT companies, providers and payers to develop forward-thinking policies and strategies that improve patient care and community health. Our diverse and far-reaching industry network provides clients with the connections they need to plan for and adapt to regulatory change, technical innovation and new markets.

BluePath Health. We are the right partner for navigating today’s changing healthcare landscape.


In today’s healthcare environment, business and health IT strategies depend upon and impact each other. New technology changes business operations and processes, and new work flows and operational change require new technology. BluePath Health provides business and health IT strategy, developing three- to five-year roadmaps that set a clear path for client goals.


BluePath Health's experience includes in-depth knowledge of and connections to the programs, players and leaders driving healthcare change. We built our thought leadership network through many years working in all segments of healthcare, from public health to commercial payers to technology innovators. We access this network to bring together industry thought leadership for both in-depth research papers and in-person summits that form the basis for grounded, workable healthcare policy.


When it comes to change, “different” doesn’t always equal “better.” Making existing systems more efficient and less costly are important goals, but if the underlying systems in question don't work, those efficiencies or lower costs won’t necessarily result in better patient care. Innovation creates entirely new approaches to patient care and managing health care costs. We help clients develop and implement new approaches to care coordination, population health and health IT. We also offer advisory services to health IT start-ups, providing insight into policy, regulation and provider strategy to help ensure success.